Cumpert_001 - FTR233 Street Tracker


This was my first bike build. I wanted to do as much of the work myself as possible, to challenge myself and to showcase my range of skills. For example I machined all the bespoke aluminium components such as the headlight, idiot light cluster and fuel cap and completed all the paintwork.


The main aim was to achieve a a pared down, clean finish with unique design elements whilst also ensuring that the bike was road legal. The bike retains its original engine, frame and wheels.


The bike was exhibited on Shed Row at Bike Shed London 2017 and features in an article on The Bike Shed website and in the January 2020 edition of Bike magazine.



Engine: stock Honda single cylinder 223cc

Frame: stock frame de-lugged, welds smoothed

Front end: one-off CNC machined aluminium headlight with LED halo, Suzuki Goose 350 front forks, cable operated hydraulic brakes

Other components: Yamaha Fizzy petrol tank, new wiring loom, electronic speedo pick-up from rear wheel.